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Average Temp Departure Accumulated Precip Percent Accumulated Snowfall

Midwest Weekly Highlights - November 1-9, 2013

Normal Temperature

With a mix of days slightly above or below normal, the first nine days of November average out to within a couple degrees of normal across the region (Figure 1). Just a handful of daily temperature records were set, mostly record high minimum temperatures.


Precipitation totals much below normal were recorded only in parts of Minnesota during the week while the heaviest precipitation (200% of normal) stretched across Iowa and into much of Wisconsin and Michigan (Figure 2). Totals around the northern half of Lake Michigan topped 2" making this the wettest part of the region (Figure 3). To the southeast of the heaviest precipitation most areas receive near normal to slightly above normal precipitation. Snowfall totals were modest in the northern states with the highest totals only reaching a few inches (Figure 4). Daily precipitation records were most common on the 1st, 6th, and 7th.