Data Types: 39 data types are being digitized from the early American weather observations

Thirty-nine data types were identified for digitization in the CDMP 19th Century Forts and Voluntary Observers Database Build Project. A series of quality control tests and procedures were applied to the digitized data to assure that it accurately represents the observations recorded on the original documents. A comprehensive set of metadata was developed to complement the data set. These metadata help document changes in instrumentation and observation practices by identifying changes in the forms used by the observers. The metadata includes detailed information about each station as recorded on the forms, such as station name and location, and barometer correction and other instrument adjustments, when available. Due to changes in instrumentation and observation practices over time, as well as changes in the location of stations, it will not be possible to simply add the digitized data on to the beginning of the more recent observations at the same stations. Analysis will be necessary to determine the stability of the observation techniques to a particular application.

Temperature: at-hour, maximum, minimum
daily mean, daily range
dry bulb, wet bulb, dew point, relative humidity
Barometric Pressure: uncorrected, corrected for temperature
adjusted to sea level
temperature from attached thermometer
Precipitation: total precipitation, snowfall, snow depth
melted snow, precipitation type (rain or snow)
time of beginning, time of ending
Wind: wind force, direction, velocity
maximum wind direction, maximum wind velocity
total wind movement
Clouds: clearness of sky, cloud amount
cloud type, direction, velocity
River Gauge Height: gauge height, gauge height daily change
Surface Water Temperature: surface water temperature, bottom water temperature
surface air temperature, depth to bottom
State of the Weather: state of the weather, character of the day