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The MRCC's Application Tools Environment system (cli-MATE) is an online user-based system in which one can obtain a myriad of weather and climate data on various time (hourly, daily, monthly) and spatial (individual station, climate division, state) scales.  The most commonly available variables are temperature, precipitation, and snow.  Other variables such as dew point, wind speed, wind direction, and degree days are available in select products.  Custom maps can also be created with user specified domains and date ranges.

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Midwest Climate Watch Screenshot

The Midwest Climate Watch features a weekly summary of climate highlights that occurred in the Midwest as well as daily maps of temperature, precipitation, snowfall and snow depth. Weekly, monthly and seasonal maps of temperature and precipitation are available, as well as maps for the NWS Central Region, Drought Information and Growing Degree Days.

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Surface weather data from a myriad of networks across the United States are described, the measurements collected are summarized, and the locations mapped.  Special attention is given to state and regional networks with measurements of relative humidity, solar radiation, soil moisture, and estimates of potential evapotranspiration.

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