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Thunderstorm Data CD Cover  
This CD-ROM contains historical (1901-1995) thunderstorm-day counts for 734 cooperative observer stations and 121 first order stations across 47 states (excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Rhode Island). The data underwent extensive testing for quality.

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This CD-ROM contains historical (1901-1994) hail-day frequency data for 1,061 weather stations in 27 states with the greatest hail loss in the contiguous U.S. (Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, High Plains, Midwest, Ohio Valley, and Southeast). The data from 22 first order stations in the 21 other states are also included. The hail-day data underwent extensive testing for quality.

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Freezing Rain Data CD Cover  

This project developed historically reliable data sets on freezing rain occurrences and ice storm losses. The specific objectives were to develop enhanced climatological data sets and make these data available to the scientific, government and business communities. This project was done in cooperation with the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC).

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